Letter From Gina

Dear Lifestyle Professionals

As many of you know, I dropped out of high school at just 17. By age 21, I fulfilled my dream of becoming a hairstylist, and by 22, I was renting my own booth. Like you, I wanted to be in business for myself. Today, we find ourselves in a desperate fight for our businesses and our way of life. I believe there is a forgotten community of professionals that I call “The Business of One”. I am referring to anyone in the Beauty, Health, Wellness and Appearance Industry. Hairstylists, barbers, lash artists, aestheticians, nail techs, brow artists, personal trainers, tattoo artists, and so many others that are too many to name! If you are Self-Employed, I need to hear from you IMMEDIATELY! 

At this moment, I am preparing to passionately fight and lobby for you in Washington DC so that you will have the ability to access short term low rate loans and relief programs to keep your businesses afloat. Our professions need support to continue.

Currently, in the United States there are OVER 1,000,000 Independent Lifestyle Professionals that represent an estimated $50 Billion in revenue A YEAR! The Independent Lifestyle Professional generates an estimated $7.75 Billion in Self-Employment Tax paid to the Federal Government! A six week shut down represents an estimated loss of close to $6 Billion in Earnings! I refuse to allow this to go unnoticed! Let’s come together and fight for #businessofone! 

I am asking for your support to help me fight for a Multi-Billion Stimulus Package for #businessofone along with permanent unemployment insurance programs for the Independent Lifestyle Professional.  I have put the framework together for these programs.  Please click on the link “Support the Movement” and follow the directions to help with my initiative.  It is imperative that we all have once voice and flood Congressional Leaders with the same message.  Please HELP NOW by clicking the link and following the instructions.  

Please continue to share your Stories on how your business has been impacted on my Instagram and Facebook Post.